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Perpetual™ Warranty and Customer Care


For the life of the product, we will repair or replace the product at no charge to you if it becomes damaged or defective for any reason other than loss, theft, or deliberate misuse. There is no warranty card or registration required, no receipt required, and the Warranty is fully transferable to future owners of the product. Griffin Armament will repair or replace free of charge any product we manufacture for the duration of this lifetime warranty. This warranty is unlimited in duration and covers at Griffin Armament’s sole discretion, service, repair, and/or replacement of damaged products caused by normal use. Any repair not covered by the warranty will be billed at a maximum of 30% of current MSRP for a comparable product, subject to BATFE transfer fees when required (if in the case of a sound suppressor). This warranty is subject to the limitations below in paragraph "Limitations".

Griffin Armament’s warranty does not cover loss, normal wear, damage to our product or the host weapon system resulting in whole or in part from abusive or negligent use, unauthorized modification, improperly threaded barrels, improperly mounted suppressors, improperly loaded or re-loaded ammunition, or neglect. Finish is cosmetic and is not covered by this warranty. Any repairs to the unit made necessary by the above mentioned factors may be invoiced to the owner at a maximum of 30% of current MSRP for the most comparable product. Pertaining to sound suppressors, the individual barrel lengths and calibers warranted are listed in the manual you receive with your product, or on the product page [applicable only to the most current model of the respective product].
In all cases refer to the product manual for product limitations prior to using a Griffin Armament product. Warranty is subject to change without notice.

: Customers desiring inspection and resolution for repairs / replacement should email, or call 262-200-0003 (option 1, Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM) and request for a service / inspection form to be emailed to them. Products determined to warrant inspection or repair should be shipped to Griffin Armament, a technician handling the service / inspection form will provide the shipping address. Timelines for repair or replacement varies from as little as a day or two for most issues, to as much as several weeks in the worst of circumstances. We dedicate resources immediately to repair and replacement service issues and do our best to ensure customer satisfaction, however we do not make promises as it pertains to timelines for resolution.

For Warranty claims or questions contact or call 262 - 200 - 0003 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm (press option 1)
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