Griffin Armament's "Dwell Time" Podcast

Griffin Armament's "Dwell Time" Podcast

Published by Ernst Gephart on 12th Aug 2022

The Dwell Time Podcast was something that was brought onto Griffin Armament via a former marketing employee, Sam C.   Where does "Dwell Time" come from?  Perhaps the dwell time it takes for the gas building up behind a projectile and offering much needed pressure to cycle a semi-automatic action, or perhaps a place where we can go to "chill out" and listen. 

Sam enjoyed podcasts and thought it would be good for the Griffin brand.  In Griffin fashion, we obliged since we like doing new things that can increase our exposure and fan base.   I, personally, hadn't been a podcast listener much up to that point as I find concentrating on the flow of traffic, gear shifts, and such far too taxing and entertaining.  That is, at least, when you're driving on the performance envelope of your tires.  But since we were going in this direction I started tuning into various podcasts from different industries to get a feeling for how podcasts worked.  Sam eventually moved on from Griffin as many people inevitably have, but the podcast remained and has been nurtured like a bonsai tree. Slow growth over time is meaningful.   

Our podcast focuses on a few things : industry specific topics, such as what's going on, compliance and administrative changes, business guests, current events, and internal talking points.  We hoped that consumers everywhere would find something thought provoking that we or our guests were talking about.   Fast forward about 6 months and as luck would have it, we started receiving positive feedback from various people throughout the industry.  Our wives are bored to death of gun talk but thankfully our listeners are not!   Well, its been about 57 episodes now and there are many more to come.  As I right this, shots echo from a dark chamber within the bowels of Griffin Armament as a determined engineer continues to study the craft of flash suppression; something we talk about in episode 57 "Low Flash R&D Testing".   We have been flash testing muzzle devices of various types for 17 years now and we are still doing it from time to time, always trying to push the envelope, and garner just a bit more performance.  

If you enjoy the podcast, please share it with a friend.  We are normal people and your sharing, commenting, and downloads provide us with much needed motivation to keep putting one foot in front of the other.