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From now until September 15th 2018, any Revolution 9 or 45, or Resistance® 9 or 45 pistol suppressor you purchase will be eligible for a free Taper Mount Rifle conversion kit! (Minimalist Blast Shield and Taper Mount Muzzle brake 5/8x24 30 cal).

Resistance 9, 45 and Revolution 9 and 45 are rated for the following popular rifle cartridges in the Taper Mount configurations :

  • 300 BLK Supersonic 16"
  • 5.56mm 16"
  • 7.62x39 16"
  • 6.8spc 16"
  • 6.5CM 20"
  • 308 win 20"

PISTOL PROMO from Griffin Armament on Vimeo.

Keep in mind, these rifle ratings are intended for sporting use only, ie: shoot a maximum of 10 rounds before allowing your suppressor to cool when using high pressure rifle ammo. These suppressors are Full Auto rated for pistol caliber ammunition.

1 ) Simply purchase a new Griffin Revolution™ or Resistance® silencer anywhere in the US, then email your proof of purchase (receipt) and include your serial number in the body of your email to tech@griffinarmament.com. Do not purchase shipping and handling until you have been contacted by customer service.

2 ) Then CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE SHIPPING AND HANDLING Please comment your suppressor serial number in the checkout comments of your shipping and handling order so it can be cross referenced with your email documents. Failure to comment in your serial number will result in your muzzle device not shipping. Free good will be shipped to the shipping address on this checkout order. This promo is applicable to in stock inventory only.


" Dear CS attached is my proof of purchase for my griffin pistol suppressor, my suppressor serial # is REV9-XXXX "

**Offer does not include shipping and handling. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. ie: "Trump Bucks" suppressors are not eligible. This offer is only valid through Sept 15th 2018. Proofs of purchase must be received by September 30th 2018 to be eligible. Proofs of purchase must be date stamped from 7-27-18 through 9/15/18 to be eligible. Free goods cannot be returned or exchanged for another product of similar value or for monetary exchange.