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The Griffin Furniture Kit includes the Patent Pending Griffin ECS™ stock, Rail Shield™ M-LOK™ compatible hand guard set, and Griffin A3 grip. (all attachment hardware included)

Having a Griffin furniture kit ensures, matching style, quality and color furniture for your Ar15 or Ar10 series rifle.

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The Griffin ECS™ stock represents the optimized general purpose stock for the M4 carbine. After development, in testing of actual units from the first production run, we drop tested an M4 carbine mounting the ECS™ stock in one foot increments from 1 foot to 10 feet onto concrete without failure*. As a comparison a single drop of an issued M4 carbine stock from 5 feet resulted in a sheared mil-spec locking pin and stock locked on the receiver extension due to binding of one of the broken pieces of the pin.

The ECS™ confronts design deficiencies in legacy systems. The current issued locking latch pin will bend and shear at the reduced diameter threaded shank, promoting stock failure- Griffin replaced it with a full diameter hardened stainless tool steel pin. The music wire spring is not a material recommended for outdoor use- the Griffin ECS™ uses 17-7 stainless steel springs which are outdoor use rated. The Griffin ECS™ also has water and debris evacuation ports compatible with the Griffin Maritime Receiver Extension, increasing system reliability and durability in extreme conditions. An anatomically angled, 60 durometer A Shore rubber pad promotes straight line recoil, reducing muzzle climb associated with 90 degree angled systems. The rubber pad further provides non slip shouldering and comfortable recoil dampening, in weather conditions to -40F. An Ambidextrous, anti-rotation QD sling point is integrated into the stock, eliminating the capacity of the sling to wrap up when the firearm is stored or handled un-slung.

Manufactured from high strength materials, the Griffin ECS™ stock is a compact, fully featured, no-compromise stock you can count on.

It is important to be aware of the flaws in mil-spec receiver extension geometry- mortaring a rifle to clear a malfunction may possibly damage a receiver extension. The most durable position for mortaring a carbine is with the stock fully collapsed. This reduces risk of damage to the receiver extension and stock to a minimum. Using a 7075-T6 receiver extension is critical for durability in rough handling.

* Drop tests were performed with stocks in the closed position. Durability of AR type stocks are limited by the design of the mil-spec receiver extension geometry. Fully collapsing the stock maximizes the durability of the assembly. Griffin will be offering an MRE-HD receiver extension that will provide this level of durable performance regardless of position.


Griffin Armament A3 Grip. An improved grip for the Ar15 series rifle. Our engineering department did a study of available grips, took desirable characteristics of the A1 grip, changed the angle for optimal pointing characteristics, made several variations during product improvement, and the A3 grip was the resulting product. The A3 provides excellent comfort and ergonomic feel, without loss of positive weapon retention or ease of safety selector manipulation. The Griffin A3 is compatible with the USGI trigger guard's winter guard function for gloved or mitten use. Textured to match the Griffin Armament Rail-Shield M-LOK™ furniture kit, available in four colors- the Griffin A3 grip is an impressive grip at a reasonable price.

GRIFFIN Rail Shield™ M-LOK™ compatible furniture kit.

The Griffin Armament Rail-Shield™ 4 piece M-LOK™ Compatible furniture kit is the first serious hard use furniture set to reach the market. Unlike other systems relying on plastic snap on attachment, the Rail-Shield™ furniture kit uses grade 5 fasteners for solid attachment. Rail shield panels protect the shooters support hand from direct exposure to hot rails, as well as insulate during handling in extreme cold weather. The optional handstop bottom panel provides ergonomic enhancement and recoil control. Textured surfaces do not drag on gear, or cause discomfort but promote positive control of the firearm.

Includes mounting hardware, 2 contour side panels, 1 handstop bottom panel, and one alternate flat bottom panel.

Mounted weight is 2.4 ounces, total weight with the optional flat panel and handstop (one of which is mounted in the used configuration) is 3.1 ounces

Four color options are available to match your other Griffin Armament furniture.

M-LOK™ is a trademark of Magpul Industries Corp.

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