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Silencer FAQ by product family
Muzzle Devices
How should I clean my Muzzle Device / Silencer Mount?
My muzzle device is stuck in my silencer, what should I do?
Silencer and Mount Compatibility
Why is it important to properly mount my Muzzle Device?
Silencer FAQ
Can I Shoot 5.56 or .223 through my silencer's .22 end cap?
Can I shoot a smaller cartridge through my 30 caliber silencer?
How often do I need to clean my silencer?
What Do I Need To Convert My Silencer To A 3 Lug System?
Will my QD Silencer work with the another company's muzzle device?
My Account
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How do I edit my account information?
How much is my shipping?
I forgot my password.
How do I return my product?
What is your return policy?
When will my order ship?
My Orders
How do I change quantities or cancel an item in my order?
How do I track my order?
My order never arrived.
An item is missing from my shipment.
My product is missing parts.
When will my backorder arrive?
Lifetime Limited Warranty
Privacy Policy
Pricing and Billing
Do I have to pay sales tax?
I have a question on my charges.
I need a copy of my receipt/invoice.
When will my credit appear on my account?
When will my credit card be charged?
Buyer's Guide
How do I buy/redeem a gift certificate?
How do I find my product?
How do I navigate the site?
How do I use a coupon?