As long time silencer owners we understand that your silencer purchase is an investment and you want to find the best product for your needs. This page explains why you can buy our products with confidence. If you have any questions please visit our FAQ or contact us.

Billet Machined

All of our silencer baffles from rimfire through .338LM are entirely CNC machined from the strongest, highest quality materials available. While more expensive than other mass production methods, machining from heat treated, billet materials, allows us to achieve ideal parts, homogenously structured, and free of the inconsistencies of castings and stampings.


Flawless Suppressor Bores

Griffin Armament Silencers which feature Flawless Bore Technology utilize wire electrical discharge machining in the final manufacturing operation to ensure flawless alignment of the silencer bore respective to the mounting interface. This costly and time consuming process provides the maximum freedom from the possibility of baffle strikes and provides you with the greatest insurance on your hearing protection investment.


Precision Mounting Interfaces

Having a well made mount interface is vital to suppressor performance. We take special care and attention utilizing CNC single point turning, ID jig grinding, OD grinding, Electrical Discharge Machining, and other best industry practices to produce precision mounting systems every time. Our mounting systems provide solid lock up, as well as consistently repeatable, and minimal point-of-impact shift. We are shooters and understand the importance of perfection in this manufacturing process.


Suppressor Mount Included

Value is a form of quality which is why we go one step further and include a mount with every suppressor requiring a proprietary mount. Our mounts are made out of hardened high grade materials and R&D is conducted at an intensely high level to produce the best possible device for each specific application.


Premium Finishes

We select the best coatings based on the application. Our aluminum products are hardcoated anodized with high grade additives for an optimal finish quality. Where coatings are needed, we utilize High Temperature Cerakote which withstands the durability needed for our full auto rated silencers. Cerakote’s superior 1200 degree rating provides a finish that won’t bake off under hard use.


Real World Experience

We draw from many years of operational use with silencers to develop full spectrum products that are optimized for performance, size, weight, durability, and product application.


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