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The Optimus Silencer is the most significant advancement in consumer silencer technology in the last decade. A truly high performance and versatile silencer, the Optimus can service many firearms from rimfire calibers up to 300 Winchester magnum. Utilizing full 17-4 stainless construction with user adaptable components the Optimus in its full size standard configuration is a 9.4", 18.5 ounce, taper mounted 300 Winchester Magnum rated silencer. A 7.9 inch 16 ounce 308 rated Mid Size Taper Mount configuration can be attained using the optional minimalist brake shield. Re configuring the suppressor with the included booster assembly and piston, the Optimus transforms into a high performance, reliable, 9mm pistol silencer. The optional low profile 3 lug assembly can also be interfaced with the Optimus pistol configuration, providing secure attachment for 9mm, 556 and 300 blk out carbines. Additionally, the user can enjoy quiet rimfire shooting by switching end caps to the included 22 caliber end cap. After use the Optimus can be fully disassembled for cleaning by removing the patent pending Taper Lock interfaces.

The Optimus silencer transforms into multiple configurations to suit the shooters requirements on various platforms from rimfire to 300 win mag. Full spectrum versatility, in a single, durable, user serviceable silencer is now possible with the Griffin Optimus.



Includes: 9mm and 22 caliber end caps; full booster assembly,1/2x28 piston, Taper-lok baffle, full size taper mount, pusher rod, revolution wrench, car stock multi tool, and 5/8x24 30 caliber Minimalist Brake Mount.

Suppressed SPL figures for std configurations:

Full Size Config:
20" 308 = 137DB
14.5" 5.56mm 134DB
12" 300BLK 126DB

Short Config:
12" 300BLK 137DB
9mm Glock 17 132DB
.22lr pistol .123DB
.22lr rifle 117DB


Barrel length ratings by configuration

Full Sized (taper mount): 9.4" 17.6 ounce
Hunting / bolt gun use up to .300 Win Mag on a 24" barrel
308/6.5CM 14.5"
6.8spc 10.5"
7.62x39 8"
300blk 8" Super/sub
5.56mm 10.5"


Mid size (Taper Mount Minimalist devices only): 7.9" 15 .7 ounces

Requires separate minimalist blast shield 
308 Win 16"
6.8spc 12.5"
7.62x39 8"
300blk Super/Sub 8"
10.5" 5.56mm

Pistol Configuration with complete booster and piston: 6.6" 13.5 ounces
Up to .357 Magnum
With fixed barrel spacer full auto rated 9mm

3-Lug Configuration (with Griffin 17-4 PH 3-lug couplers): 6.6" 13.5 ounces

5.56mm limited full auto down to 16" 
5.56mm Semi auto 14.5"
.300BLK supersonic limited full auto to 9.5"
.300BLK subsonic full auto to 8"
5.7 full auto

Direct thread configuration (12 ounces)

300BLK Subsonic and 9mm full auto rated
Rimfire full auto
5.7 full auto

PLAN-A™ 1.125"x28 Taper Mount Config

5.56mm limited full auto down to 16" 
5.56mm Semi auto 14.5"
.300BLK supersonic limited full auto to 9.5"
.300BLK subsonic full auto to 8"
5.7 full auto



Diameter: 1.375"
Overall Length: 9.4" Full size , 6.6" configured with booster piston assy.
Length Added:  
Weight: 18.5 Ounces Full size, 13.5 ounces Pistol config
Materials: High strength, high temperature, corrosion resistant 17-4ph Stainless Steel
Attachment: Taper Mount devices, 3 Lug attachment, Booster Pistons, and direct thread adapters
DB Attenuation:  
Finish: Melonite QPQ
Full Auto Rated: Yes (9mm and 300BLK subsonic only)

  • Patent Pending Taper Lock end cap system
  • 300WIN MAG Rated
  • Full 17-4 Stainless Construction
  • Rock Solid Mounting
  • Taper Mount Compatible
  • Booster Piston / Pistol Compatible
  • 3 Lug compatible
  • Melonite QPQ finish
  • shim set Included
  • Multi Caliber Friendly

Additional Details

Attachment System:
Taper Mount
User Serviceable?:
7.62mm (.30)
5.56mm (.223)


8 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by JD Garrett on 5th Nov 2019

    I Could not be happier with the performance. Jail broke this can two years ago with a 10 month ATF wait for the stamp. I have put thousands of rounds down range on multiple weapons ie .22 pistol / rifle , 9mm, .556 / .223 pistol / rifle AR, .270 WSM. Worth every penny spent on brakes to configure the can. Worth every penny spent on this can. User friend and built to last. One can to ruler them all! I read many reviews from forum haters but my personal experience with this product was better that my expectations. I old school Army and we are rough on stuff, I have yet to damage this beast! I also reconfigure this can at the range while barrels are cooling if you catch my drift. Every single friend of mine is impressed with this transformer product. I run sub, super, reloads, and factory ammo with no regrets no matter the quality of the ammo this can is tough. I am a kinda of critical guy when it comes to weapons, gear, and performance. 5 Stars Boys even the Wife is happier with less noise in the backyard!

  • 5
    Works great

    Published by David Strickland on 22nd Apr 2019

    I have had mine for a few months now. I’m really happy with the integrity of the threads and accessories are great as well! This thing is so fun. You will be amazed with subsonic ammo.

  • 5
    Optimus multi caliber silencer.

    Published by William on 12th Apr 2019

    My first silencer. Excellent starter. Use with 22 pistol, Glock 17/19, AR-15's, and 6.5 Creedmore. Everything you need, except a taper mount muzzle brake for the AR. Or, get the A2 Blast Shield A2 Mount. Lets you use the silencer on most all A2 muzzle brakes. **** this is a must have for this silencer ****

  • 5

    Published by Justin on 3rd Feb 2019

    After spending the last 5 months with this can I feel like I can make an honest review now. First off if you want one can to do pretty much everything under .40 cal, this is it! Is it THE absolute quietest product for all calibers,,,,, no. Is it within a few decibels of the best,,,,, yes. I like the fact that you can use it in the short config w booster on a handgun and it doesn't look ridiculous. Switch out to a tri-lug and run it on most stuff (5.56 & 9mmAR for me) Then switch to the full size and run it even more quietly on 5.56/.308 . (I was very surprised how quite it is on 5.56) With that said i have seen reviews say that once its in one config that's where it will stay for the day. I disagree %100. I use 3,000 degree ceramic brake caliper lube on the threads and baffles and have never had an issue taking it apart in the field (if u don't, I could see how you could have issues) I have spent a small fortune on the adapters/tri-lugs/brakes,,, ect but to have just one can that I know I can use on every gun I own and not wait for another 8 months on the ATF for a different suppressor is well worth it to me. Hope this helps in your decision........... BUY IT!!!

  • 5
    Awesome product

    Published by Virgil Cross on 16th Sep 2018

    Love the fact that this suppressor will work with all of the firearms that I own. Works great on my lightweight 6.5 CR deer hunting rifle and is a blast to shoot on my pistol 300 BLK. All of the accessories to change the mounting options. Couldn't ask for anything better! I would recommend this suppressor to anyone looking that don't have the money to buy one for every caliber they own.

  • 5
    Well made Silencer

    Published by Dustin Harris on 25th Aug 2018

    Built to last!! Great design. Used on my 300 Win Mag. Very happy with purchase

  • 5
    One can to rule them all

    Published by Emmanuel McMathis on 1st Jul 2018

    This can literally does it all for me, ive been price stalking this thing for years and finally pulled the trigger. 300BLK Sub and super which is hard to find on a can that also does 9MM!

  • 5
    Can't say enough about this silencer

    Published by Brock H on 2nd Apr 2018

    I use this on almost everything I own. With a Paladin brake, my 308 that used to leave me with a stiff shoulder is now a breeze to shoot and hearing safe for the shooter. Under the tin roof at the range, no silencer can make 100's of rounds of 5.56 hearing safe, but the Optimus calms the noise so that even my freebie earmuffs are sufficient.

    I especially love all the mounting options. I could write pages about the taper mounts, but I'll keep it short. I own at least one of almost every type of taper mount, and they have been nothing short of amazing with the Optimus. Some people like to bash on multi-cal silencers because they're not #1 in any single category, but I have zero regrets with the Optimus. For what I spent on the Optimus and all my taper mounts and pistons, I could have bought the top rated rifle and pistol cans on the market, but they would never be as versatile or user friendly as the Optimus.

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