Are you feeling disenfranchised now that the recent hype wave of the Dead Air™ Nomad™ is subsiding? Do high system weights and à la carte part pricing have you down?  Fear not.  You don't need to spend lumps more money to outfit your suppressor.  We've got your back.  From now until December 31st 2019, any Dead Air™ Nomad™ Silencer you purchase will be eligible for a free PLAN-A™ taper mount adapter! That's right.  We love silencer owners and we don't believe they should be left in the cold.   The Griffin customer family has more room and now's the best time to jump on board! 

This adapter adds almost no length to your Nomad and is only compatible with the Griffin Minimalist muzzle brakes and direct thread adapters.  Total system weight of NOMAD™ equipped with PLAN-A™ taper mount adapter is 14.4 ounces.  

Minimalist Brake Taper Mounts Part # UPC MSRP
Mini Brake 5.56mm 1/2x28 TMM556 791154081754 84.95
Mini Brake 7.62mm 5/8x24 TMM762 791154081761 84.95
Mini Brake 6.5mm 5/8x24 TMM65mm 791154083208 84.95
Mini Titanium Brake 556mm 1/2x28 TMMti556 791154081778 119.95
Mini Titanium Brake 762mm 5/8x24 TMMti762 791154081785 119.95
Taper Mount thread adpater 1/2x28 TMA1228 791154081839 $94.95
Taper Mount thread adapter 5/8x24 TMA5824 791154081846 $94.95


1 ) Simply purchase a new Dead Air™ Nomad™ silencer anywhere in the US, then email your proof of purchase (receipt) and a copy of your submitted (not approved) Form 4 to Do not purchase shipping and handling until you have been contacted by customer service. 

2 ) After you've been contacted by customer service CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE SHIPPING AND HANDLING Please comment your suppressor serial number in the checkout comments of your shipping and handling order so it can be cross referenced with your email documents. Failure to comment in your serial number will result in your adapter not shipping. Adapter will be shipped to the shipping address on this checkout order, not your Form 4 address. 

**Offer does not include shipping and handling. Offer cannot be combined with any other offer. This offer is only valid until Dec 31st 2019. Proofs of purchase and submitted copy (doesn't have to be approved) Form 4s must be received by Jan 31st 2020 to be eligible. Proofs of purchase must be date stamped from 01/01/18 - 12/31/19. Adapter cannot be returned or exchanged for another product of similar value or for monetary exchange. Only free product available in this promotion is Griffin part # TMA1375x24 


DEAD AIR ARMAMENT™ and NOMAD™ are trademarks of SOUND MODERATION TECHNOLOGIES LLC®. and are two of many trademarks by SOUND MODERATION TECHNOLOGIES LLC®. Griffin Armament is an independent manufacturer of parts and accessories that fit SOUND MODERATION TECHNOLOGIES LLC products, however it is not affiliated with or endorsed by SOUND MODERATION TECHNOLOGIES LLC®.  The use of NOMAD™, DEAD AIR ARMAMENT™, and SOUND MODERATION TECHNOLOGIES® on this page are merely to advertise the sale of compatible parts or components.  


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