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This is a service/product upgrade for Gen 2 and Gen 3 Recce 5 & Recce 7 suppressors. The original generation of the Recce suppressors were tubeless and do not qualify for an upgrade service at this time. The 4th generation Recce suppressors have the most up to date baffle technology. 

The new ECO-FLOW™ baffle system is the latest technology baffle system available from Griffin Armament®.  Costly R&D resources were spent to develop the patent pending ECO-FLOW™ baffle technology for use in applicable Griffin designs.  This baffle system provides reduced back pressure, greater structural strength, longer service life, and up to 9db sound pressure reduction vs original version baffle systems. 

If your baffles are wearing out from extremely high round counts, or if you desire increased performance, this product/service provides a solution for you. 


How do i know if my suppressor is eligible for upgrade?  Your Reece silencer must have a visible weld on the front cap to be eligible for the service.  Early Gen 1 units were tubeless and are not eligible for this service. 



  • Machining time and labor to remove old baffles and prep suppressor for upgrade

  • ECO-FLOW™ baffle upgrade

  • Rewelding of suppressor body + front cap

  • Refinishing of suppressor

  • Test fire to ensure upgrade has been successfully refurbished

  • Return shipping after upgrade service has been completed



  • Purchase this product and in your checkout comments include the serial number of the device you are upgrading.

            Example comment, "Serial Number  REC5-1234"    

  • Package a copy of your ATF Form 4, your suppressor, and your order confirmation email in a safe and secure manner and ship all components to : Griffin Armament , PO BOX 230, Watertown WI 53094 


*Please allow customer service approximately 30 days to ship your suppressor back to you with the baffle upgrade due to the necessary labor involved with this service.*


 IMPORTANT NOTE : Suppressors should be cleaned (maintained) by the end user periodically to ensure functional use over the service life of the product. 




4 Reviews

  • 5
    Upgraded baffles for 30SD-K

    Published by John Coloso on 9th Jul 2023

    I had a 30SD-K with Mod 2 baffles. I used the Recce 7 upgrade option to upgrade to the newest Mod 4 revision.

    The new baffles seemed to have softened the tone of the suppressor a bit. The backpressure was also reduced, I had to move up in gas jet size for my SCAR 17 to get it to cycle in the "most reduced" setting using a Mototech 3-select regulator.

    This makes a great can even better.

  • 5
    Eco-Flow baffle upgrade

    Published by George Young on 24th May 2022

    Did this to the Optimus first and the resulting sound reduction was very noticeable. The Recce5 is on it's way back and we can't wait, especially after the huge disappointment with the Rugged Razor.

  • 5
    Baffle Replacement

    Published by Tyler on 15th Mar 2022

    One of my suppressors is a Gen 3 Recce 5. I am not a high volume shooter so my baffles were not worn out. What I was interested in was a performance upgrade. I haven't had a ton of time shooting with the updates yet but after a few mags with each test host it seems like a good choice. I shot a couple of mags with a 10.5" SBR and a 16" AR and the thing that stands out in my mind was the 10.5" gun. The old gen 3 baffles were not horrible by any means, but I was surprised in a good way with the new ones. Normally I shoot with ears on, but as a test I did one shot with ammo out of the same bucket I shot it with just before sending it off and it was definitely substantially quieter at the ear. It was absolutely a noticeable improvement. That said I do shoot with ears on even when suppressed so it's somewhat negated by that, but overall I am glad I got off the fence and did it. On balance it's definitely worth it.
    Other than sheer baffle performance the workmanship was quite nice, and they refinish the can as part of the service. The overall aesthetics of the can are largely unchanged with a tiny exception not hardly worth mentioning, but that being the end cap that needed to be removed has a small ledge around it where it transitions to the tube. Like I said, just presenting facts whatever they happen to be. The welds are absolutely beautiful and perfectly executed. If I hadn't stared at that can for the past 6+ years I would basically think a brand new can showed up at my door. Oh, and another thing worth mentioning is the turnaround time in my case was a total of two weeks. It might not always be that way but they definitely over delivered in that regard.

  • 5
    Satisfied user

    Published by Frank Miller on 24th Dec 2021

    I had an old Gen 2 Recce 7 sitting in my safe that I hadnt used for years. The can was 19 ounces when it was new in 2014. It was a bit loud in 300 BLK subsonic when I got to hear it next to my friends new Griffin can. He suggested I look at their upgrade product and I did. Its amazing how much quieter it is now. I was shocked. Well worth the upgrade and my old baffles which had a little wear on them are now good as new! My socom SPS now sits in its place on the back shelf of the gun cabinet. Thanks yall!

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