Factory-Direct Silencers To Your Door


Griffin Armament® is Proud to Announce Factory-Direct Silencers to your Door with our Silencers Simplified™ Program!
You can now order a suppressor online through our website, and it will be shipped directly to your door with the help of
Capitol Armory® The Nation's Largest Suppressor Dealer

If you would rather have an Authorized Dealer in-store experience near you CLICK HERE to view our dealer map. 


Follow the 6 EASY STEPS below to have your suppressor shipped directly to your door:

Step 1: Purchase your suppressor on our website in full, or by using Sezzle® for 4 easy payments at checkout. 

Step 2: Capitol Armory will contact you via email within a few business days requesting info for steps 4 and 5.

Step 3: Griffin will ship the muzzle device or accessory that comes with your suppressor along with a fingerprint kit , welcome letter, and swag pack to your door as confirmation of your purchase.

Step 4: Follow the instruction sheet included with your welcome kit to accurately take your fingerprints, then mail the completed fingerprint card to Griffin Armament using the self-addressed return envelope.

(If you mess up on your included 2 fingerprint cards, you can purchase more here

Step 5: Create a profile at Capitol Armory®, complete a web application, upload a form of digital ID, decide your trust type, and purchase a tax stamp.

Note: If you are a repeat customer you do not need to create a new profile with Capitol Armory or supply fingerprints again; however, you must still purchase a tax stamp through Capitol Armory®.

Note: During checkout when selecting shipping options, be sure to choose "Store Pickup - $0.00" to avoid any shipping costs. The silencer will still be shipped to your door if you choose this option!

Step 6: You will then be emailed a digital Form 4 to fill out through DocuSign®.


After government processing time, your order will arrive at your door!

*These steps are necessary to receive your purchased suppressor. Griffin Armament® is not liable for any unfiled or unprocessed information*

Note: All forms and tax stamps are handled by Capitol Armory® The Nation's Largest Suppressor Dealer*

Once you have submitted fingerprints, Capitol Armory will be handling your order going forward. Please reach out to Capitol with any questions once you reach that point.

Website: CapitolArmory.com  Phone: 512-879-1068  Email: CLICK HERE



Suppressors can be shipped to your door in the following free states: 



Suppressors are ILLEGAL for civilian ownership in the following states:
California, Hawaii, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Delaware.

(Although suppressors are legal in Vermont, Capitol Armory® currently has no license to ship suppressors direct to your door in this state. This map will be updated as more states become available. Suppressors cannot be used for hunting in the state of Connecticut.)



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