• Faster eForm Approval Times

    11th Apr 2024

    Faster eForm Approval Times

    Since the enactment of the National Firearms Act (NFA) in 1934, one of the main barriers to entry of sound suppressor ownership was the considerable time and monetary investment to procure one. Ena…

    Published by Brendan Kushman

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    7th Jul 2023


    Choosing a suppressor is a daunting task. Deciphering what you need for your application versus what you are being sold is hard to digest. Trustable data and information are also hard to find within…

    Published by Jack Rapala

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  • Using Frangible Ammunition with Suppressors

    21st Jun 2023

    Using Frangible Ammunition with Suppressors

    What is frangible ammunition?Frangible ammunition is a class of ammunition that is mainly for training purposes. While usually brass cased, the name identifies the composition and construction of the…

    Published by Jack Rapala

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  • DUAL-LOK™ PSR™ 5 & 7

    24th Oct 2022

    DUAL-LOK™ PSR™ 5 & 7

    PRODUCT RELEASE : WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 16TH, 2022Reflex Suppressors, or Over the Barrel Suppressors have been manufactured for quite some time, but recently haven’t been the focus by mainstream ma…

    Published by B. Richart

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  • Sports Inc. Tradeshow

    12th Sep 2022

    Sports Inc. Tradeshow

    What is a tradeshow? Tradeshows can be described as an event that is held to bring together members of a particular industry to display demonstrate and discuss their latest products and services. The…

    Published by Chris Snay

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  • Internation Sportman Reviews DUAL-LOK™

    31st Aug 2022

    Internation Sportman Reviews DUAL-LOK™

    The Griffin Armament DUAL-LOK™ suppressors are the culmination of the latest technology from Griffin Armament. The ECO-FLOW baffles, tubeless design, and a new mount system are just th…

    Published by Jeremy Mallette

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  • DUAL-LOK™ HRT 556™

    24th Aug 2022

    DUAL-LOK™ HRT 556™

    Initially designed for elite HRT unit’s, Griffin Armament’s HRT 556™ model is the shortest addition to the DUAL-LOK™ family of suppressors which has to this point not been available to the general pub…

    Published by B. Richart

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