• Sports Inc. Tradeshow

    12th Sep 2022

    Sports Inc. Tradeshow

    What is a tradeshow? Tradeshows can be described as an event that is held to bring together members of a particular industry to display demonstrate and discuss their latest products and services. The…

    Published by Chris Snay

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  • DUAL-LOK™ HRT 556™

    24th Aug 2022

    DUAL-LOK™ HRT 556™

    Initially designed for elite HRT unit’s, Griffin Armament’s HRT 556™ model is the shortest addition to the DUAL-LOK™ family of suppressors which has to this point not been available to the general pub…

    Published by B. Richart

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  • Getting Started with Your Universal Silencer

    12th Aug 2022

    Getting Started with Your Universal Silencer

    Getting started with your universal silencerCongratulations! You have just purchased or received your universal silencer. Or, you are being a responsible adult by researching and budgeting your expend…

    Published by Jack Rapala

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  • Griffin Armament's "Dwell Time" Podcast

    12th Aug 2022

    Griffin Armament's "Dwell Time" Podcast

    The Dwell Time Podcast was something that was brought onto Griffin Armament via a former marketing employee, Sam C.   Where does "Dwell Time" come from?  Perhaps the dwell time it…

    Published by Ernst Gephart

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  • 2022 Range Retailer Expo

    8th Jul 2022

    2022 Range Retailer Expo

    Is your firearms business interested in building a gun range? Do you already have a gun range?   The NSSF range retailer expo is a great venue to learn about improving your business through…

    Published by Ernst Gephart

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  • DUAL-LOK™ Rifle Suppressors

    7th Jul 2022

    DUAL-LOK™ Rifle Suppressors

    Griffin Armament has been satisfying customers for nearly two decades with cutting edge sound suppressors. Suppressors offering active retention systems are oftentimes demanded by government customer…

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