Over The Barrel

The OTB (Over The Barrel) muzzle devices support RSTA and SPR Silencers, certain Taper Mount Silencers, and DUAL-LOK™ suppressors. Make sure to read the product description as this will provide all required information regarding suppressor compatibility.  

To note : PSR DUAL-LOK™ muzzle devices are only intended for use with PSR DUAL-LOK™ suppressors. If the device is not labeled as PSR compatible in the name of the muzzle device, it cannot be interfaced with the PSR DUAL-LOK™ suppressors (ex. DUAL-LOK™ OTB Bayonet Flash Hider).  PSR muzzle devices cannot interface with the DUAL-LOK™ 5, 7, or HRT-556™ suppressors. 

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