Sportsman .30 Taper Mount Silencer M4SD II 5.56mm Silencer M4SD 5.56 Flash Comp 1/2x28
Sportsman .30 Taper Mount Silencer
List Price: $795.00
MSRP: $795.00
M4SD II Silencer
MSRP: $995.00
M4SD Flash Comp 5.56mm
List Price: $99.95
MSRP: $99.95
A 12.5 ounce flyweight, full sized, magnum rated .30 caliber silencer compatible with our Taper Mount muzzle devices.
Our Flagship high performance 5.56mm QD silencer, the M4SDII has unbeatable versatility, sound reduction, durability, and flash reduction.
5.56 Taper Mount Flash Comp 1/2x28
Revolution 9mm Silencer 7.62 Flash Comp 5/8x24 Griffin Fail Safe Sights
Revolution 9mm Silencer
List Price: $795.00
MSRP: $795.00
7.62 Flash Comp (non mount)
List Price: $104.95
MSRP: $104.95
Fail Safe Angle Sights
List Price: $194.95
MSRP: $194.95
The Revolution 9mm Silencer is configurable, durable, high performance, and versatile.
7.62 Flash Comp 5/8x24
Griffin Fail Safe Angle sights are a fail safe rapid secondary sight system to optics in your primary sight plane. Fully adjustable, billet machined, these wont let you down when you need them.