M4SD II 5.56mm Silencer 7.62 Flash Comp 5/8x24 Revolution 9mm Silencer
M4SD II Silencer
MSRP: $995.00
7.62 Flash Comp (non mount)
List Price: $104.95
MSRP: $104.95
Revolution 9mm Silencer
List Price: $795.00
MSRP: $795.00
Our Flagship high performance 5.56mm QD silencer, the M4SDII has unbeatable versatility, sound reduction, durability, and flash reduction.
7.62 Flash Comp 5/8x24
The Revolution 9mm Silencer is configurable, durable, high performance, and versatile.
Griffin Fail Safe Sights Sportsman .30 Taper Mount Silencer M4SD 5.56 Flash Comp 1/2x28
Fail Safe Angle Sights
List Price: $194.95
MSRP: $194.95
Sportsman .30 Taper Mount Silencer
List Price: $795.00
MSRP: $795.00
M4SD Flash Comp 5.56mm
List Price: $99.95
MSRP: $99.95
Griffin Fail Safe Angle sights are a fail safe rapid secondary sight system to optics in your primary sight plane. Fully adjustable, billet machined, these wont let you down when you need them.
A 12.5 ounce flyweight, full sized, magnum rated .30 caliber silencer compatible with our Taper Mount muzzle devices.
5.56 Taper Mount Flash Comp 1/2x28