CAM-LOK® Pistons (for tilt barrel pistols)

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The CAM-LOK® (Covert Application Mount - Locking) is a universal QD piston system comprised of two parts, the piston, and the barrel adapter.  This product page is for the piston (bronze color part that is installed in the suppressor). 

The Griffin Armament CAM-LOK® interface affords the user the ability to convert the suppressor to a much faster and more secure mounting solution on browning style action (tilt barrel) pistols vs it's legacy technology, single piece, direct thread piston counterparts.  This system provides a rapid, secure attachment to the host pistol.  Direct thread single piece pistons have several negative attributes.  They do not accept tools, and are hand tightened to the host firearm. As a result of hand installation, they loosen when the piston system reciprocates under slide cycling during the firing sequence.  This vibration and inadvertent loosening of pistol silencers, requires end users to constantly check tighten pistol silencers.  This periodically causes users to have "bad range days" with unforeseen baffle strikes and end cap strikes.  These unfortunate events cause logistically burdensome work for consumers to communicate with service departments, ship products back and forth, and sometimes assume charges for repair for these issues.  

No longer do users need to worry about their pistol suppressors loosening during use (as with traditional fixed direct thread pistons).  The CAM-LOK® system supports a 3/4" socket wrench for installation with prevailing torque, and features a taper lock system, which encourages secure attachment, despite the piston still actuating for and aft during the firing sequence.  The piston can be attached / detached in any one of three, 120 degree positions, ensuring there are no "false positive" interfacing positions to slow deployment of the suppressor onto the host firearm.  Additionally, the manufacturing accuracy of the interface is held to Griffin Armament's high quality standards for squareness, and concentricity, ensuring that each mounting position has similar and minimal POI shift influence. To support this, the mating pistons have all mating diameters and interfacing geometry qualified in a single operation, for tool quality accuracy and perfection.  A similar manufacturing theory was applied to the barrel adapter for maximum alignment accuracy.  

End users benefit from being able to attach their silencer to various adapter interfaced host firearms, without having to disassemble the suppressor and change the piston to a different thread pitch.  The CAM-LOK® pistons are "universal"; accommodating any pistol mounted with a 3 Lug CAM-LOK® barrel adapter.  Additionally, end users with different brand suppressors supported by the CAM-LOK® piston family, will be able to benefit from the interchangeability of CAM-LOK® barrel adapters between piston models. 

These Pistons are required for use with the Revolution®, Resistance®, Optimus® 9mm, and Bushwhacker® 46 in the pistol configurations.  

It is important to intermittently clean and lubricate the exterior of the piston and interior of the booster housing to ensure smooth reciprocation with the O ring in the piston retainer.
O-Rings should be replaced intermittently when worn to ensure alignment of the silencer with the booster assembly. Failure to replace damaged or worn O-rings could result in a baffle strike or damage to the piston components.

Piston are H900 heat treated with a rust inhibitor. Please note, color and color pattern will vary due to the heat treatment.

Installation & Use Notes  : Suppressor should be tightly assembled when using this product to avoid inadvertent disassembly of the suppressor when removing it from QD barrel adapter. Barrel adapters should be installed to their host firearms with a minimum torque rating of 20 ft/lbs using a 3/4 socket and needle type torque wrench.  Use of a box end wrench will not have optimal contact with the wrench flat geometry on the adapter and may damage the adapter.

Use of the CAM-LOK® system with a fixed spacer on a fixed barrel firearm will cause damage to the suppressor.  This is for use on handguns with tilt barrel pistols only such as Glock, HK, SIG, 1911, S&W M&P....etc.   A fixed firearm would be a 9mm carbine (PCC), a bolt action, etc.  


  • Patented CAM-LOK® (Covert Application Mount - Locking) universal QD piston attachment system
  • 3 mounting positions, 120 degrees separated for rapid mounting
  • Internal taper surface locks in place with interfacing barrel adapters and drastically reduces or eliminates common baffle/end cap strikes  
  • Compatible with Universal QD pistons barrel adapters (sold separately) 
  • Total system weight is identical to legacy direct thread pistons
  • H900 heat treated for improved durability and wear resistance 
  • 17-4 stainless steel material

  *For use with all SilencerCo suppressors EXCEPT the Osprey line of suppressors. 

Additional Details

Type Of Part:
Attachment System:
Thread Pitch:
Thread Pitch:
Thread Pitch:
13.5x1mm LH
Thread Pitch:
16x1mm LH
Thread Pitch:
16x1mm RH
Thread Pitch:
9/16x24 RH

22 Reviews

  • 5

    Published by Vincent Owens on 22nd Dec 2022

    As advertised, it locks up tight and with a short turn. The CAM-LOK system is a far cry from threading my suppressor and I don't have to check it every couple of shorts.
    Great job.

  • 5
    Griffin Geniuses

    Published by Jimmy Wusinich on 17th Aug 2022

    Works perfectly , a must have , ends the suffering of having to make sure your suppressor is still attached correctly every 5 shots. A MUST have from Griffin Armament !

  • 5
    Made me a believer !

    Published by ROBERT S. on 14th Jul 2022

    I had doubts about how well this system would work (thought it might loosen)
    Well, I'm happy to say I was dead wrong.
    this system works great. I fired over 100 rds. through my SMG 45 a lot of rapid fire and mag changes and not a single issue.
    Very happy I got this cam lock system.
    Haven't used on another pistol yet but I have no doubts it will work just as well.
    Thank you GA for making my can much easier and quicker to put on and take off.
    Vey happy with the cam lock system !

  • 5
    Great way to QD your suppressor

    Published by A Smith on 31st May 2022

    This is an ingenious product. A total game changer and wish I would have come across these sooner. Much faster than direct thread and smooth to attach.

  • 5
    Cam-Lok Pistons

    Published by George Young on 24th May 2022

    Perfect match and function as the originals. I'm really liking the Cam-Lok system.

  • 5
    Cam-Lok Pistons

    Published by Dave C on 18th May 2022

    These are awesome. They are both fast and secure. It does take a bit of practice to put on because you need to align the interrupted thread so you cant just push it on and rotate but once you get the hang of it they are super easy.

  • 5
    Cam-Lok piston

    Published by Jon HarBison on 12th Apr 2022

    Works as advertised. I was pleased and surprised at how easy it is to use. I have ordered another and a couple more barrel mounts.

  • 5
    This is the way

    Published by Kenny on 17th Mar 2022

    I've had my Optimus 9 for 3 years. This is by far the best way to install and shoot suppressed pistols.

  • 5
    The best decision

    Published by Mystery Me on 30th Jan 2022

    Needed an alternative on the discontinued AAC Tirant 45 pistons. Searched and found Griffin Armament . Ordered the Cam-lok and piston. Perfect fit flawless installation, can’t be more pleased with my choice I ordered 3 more cam-lok systems . The ability to interchange between multiple handguns is amazing . So glad I found them and hope y’all will make the decision to buy as well.

  • 5
    Cam-Lok piston

    Published by Rodey on 28th Jan 2022

    Was a bit nervous about mixing different companies parts but this fit my Dead Air perfectly. In conjunction with the Cam-Lok barrel adapter this provides a simple, tight and secure connect of the suppressor to the pistol. Fired about 50 rounds and the suppressor was as secure after firing as it was when installed. Also bought the Cam-Lok compensator to protect the barrel adapter. Haven’t fired it with it on but it adds a nice look in comparison to the plain barrel adapter.

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