EXPLORR™ .300 Suppressor (Taper Mount)


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 The EXPLORR™ series was built on years of prior experience and R&D with tubeless designs.   Relatively unknown, Griffin started pushing the limits on modern suppressor engineering when in 2010, they designed the first tubeless silencers in the US.   Tubeless designs although relatively featureless, provide the most optimal strength to weight ratio of any construction method.   With a solid background in tubeless suppressor engineering, Griffin sought to push the limits of what was capable by creating the EXPLORR™ series of suppressors that hit titanium weights with a more durable material.   Lower weight means smaller point of impact shift, higher unsupported position accuracy potential, and less fatigue to the user when carrying equipment.   

Sound Pressure Level Notes:

  • 18" 308win Tikka T3x Arctic with nato M118LR ammunition measured 139db at the muzzle
  • 16" Griffin MK1 Carbine with Nato M885 ammo measured 137db at the muzzle

Get the most out of your next adventure with the EXPLORR™ 

Rated on Following barrel lengths: No barrel restrictions! While longer barrels promote longer service life, this suppressor has no length restrictions!


  • Taper Mount EZ Brake ( 5/8x24" .300 CAL)
  • Suppressor Pouch

Diameter: 1.5"
Overall Length: 6.4"
Length Added: 5.4" past EZ Brake
Weight: 12.5 Ounces
Materials: 17-4 Stainless Steel Fully H900 Heat Treated
Attachment: All Taper Mount devices
DB Attenuation: .308win (139db) 5.56mm (137db)
Finish: Cerakote® finish
Full Auto Rated: Yes

  • Patented HEDP™ baffling provides industry leading balanced suppression
  • Integral low-profile flash suppressor
  • Integral 3/4" wrench front cap
  • Rated up to .300 WIN MAG
  • Minimal and Repeatable POI shift
  • Rock Solid Mounting
  • Taper Mount Compatible
  • Cerakote® finish
  • Silencer Pouch Included
  • Multi Caliber Friendly

7.62mm (.30)
Attachment System:
Taper Mount
User Serviceable?:


1 Review

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    Great simple taper mount can

    Published by JEREMY on 2nd Nov 2020

    I was able to pick up my Explorr recently, and love it. This is my 2nd Griffin can after an Optimus 9. I love the Optimus for it's ability to suppress just about anything, but it is indeed a jack of all trades, master of none. The Explorr is awesome for it's simplicity, it is a 1 peice, tubeless, welded tapermount can. nothing to come apart, no adapters, just the most interior volume possible for what is a size somewhere between a standard and "K" can. It's probably as short and light as possible while suppressing ARs into hearing safe territory. It sounds really good, so far I've tried it on 10.5 and 16" 5.56 ARs, 9" 300BO, 18" AR10 and 20" bolt in 308, and all sound at least as good as my gen1 Optimus with mid-size config, and similar to a friends DA Nomad, but at a standard 1.5" OD, so it fits under handguards where the nomad might hit. My 9" 300BO has a long 9" Aero gen 2 guard, about an inch of this can nestles right inside, and it sounds great with subs. The way griffin does their excellent taper mount muzzle devices, the rear edge of the can is about flush with the barrel's shoulder where a little less than 6" of can protrudes ahead of the muzzle(and 5" or less ahead of most of their muzzle devices), keeping it compact, but also allowing for almost all of Griffin's mounts. The styling is clean and simple, at home on pretty much everything. Backpressure is decent, it's not a really "gassy" can, adjustment/ejection and gas from the receiver was about the same as the Nomad and Optimus. The finish and welding are superb, the taper mount interface locks on securely, and can come off easily after cooling. It is probably the best single purpose 30cal can Griffin has out now.