9mm ECO-FLOW™ baffle upgrade

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This is a service/product upgrade for earlier generation REVOLUTION™ 9mm, RESISTANCE® 9mm, and OPTIMUS® 9mm suppressors. 

The new ECO-FLOW™ baffle system is the latest technology baffle system available from Griffin Armament®.  Costly R&D resources were spent to develop the patent pending ECO-FLOW™ baffle technology for use in applicable Griffin designs.  This baffle system provides reduced back pressure, greater structural strength, longer service life, and up to 9db sound pressure reduction vs original version 9mm baffle systems. 

If your baffles are wearing out from extremely high round counts, or if you desire increased performance, this product/service provides a solution for you. 

Prices are based on baffle count in the suppressor.  The Resistance has more baffles than the Optimus. The Revolution has more baffles than the Resistance. 



  • Purchase this product and in your checkout comments include the serial number of the device you are upgrading.

            Example comment, "Serial Number  OP-1234"    

  • Next, disassemble your suppressor fully, ensuring that end caps and baffles have been removed.  

  • Package a copy of your ATF Form 4, your suppressor tube, baffles, an end cap in a safe and secure manner with your order confirmation email printed and ship to:  Griffin Armament , PO BOX 230, Watertown WI 53094


Please allow customer service approximately 48-72hrs to ship your suppressor back to you with the baffle upgrades.  

Does not include 30 cal rifle blast baffle.

IMPORTANT NOTE : Suppressors that are not in a fully disassembled state will incur a service labor fee of $90/hr (one hour min. but possibly more depending on condition). If a suppressor is received in an assembled condition you will be contacted by customer service for authorization of service labor.  Suppressors should be disassembled and periodically cleaned (maintained) by the end user to ensure functional use over the service life of the product.  End users who ignore routine maintenance often have difficulty taking suppressors apart for cleaning.

The address provided is for USPS. If you would like to use a different shipping method please contact CS@GriffinArmament.com for a different address. 




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11 Reviews

  • 5
    Optimus upgrade

    Published by Ben S. on 26th Sep 2023

    Shot just a few times so far looks like it’s going to really reduce blowback. Shot it on a pistol. It should really be great on one of my PCC’s

  • 5

    Published by Leo Freeman on 13th Jun 2023

    Excellent care. Great customer support

  • 5
    Optimus 9 Baffle Upgrade

    Published by Sean Burkett on 9th May 2022

    I cannot say enough about how awesome this upgrade is. The quality is extremely high. The turn around process was about a week. Very fast turnaround.

  • 5
    Optimus eco flow

    Published by Michael on 20th Jul 2021

    Figured I'd upgrade my gen1 does sound a bit more subdued. I like the fit of the new baffling

  • 5

    Published by Tim C on 11th Jul 2021

    Sent suppressor to Griffin and it was returned in about 1 week with the new baffles installed. Very pleased with the product. Both the product and Griffin Customer Service receives 5 stars. Recently purchased another Griffin suppressor and am waiting for ATF approval. Too bad the ATF can't provide Griffin level customer service and quick turnaround.

  • 5
    9mm Eco Flow Upgrade to Optimus

    Published by st381183 on 19th Jan 2021

    I can’t comment on how much more quiet the new baffles as I haven’t shot yet. Service was lightning quick. Shipped via USPS on Saturday and returned in my possession on the following Thursday, so less than a week. Baffles are well machined and fit as they should. It was a quiet shooter with the old baffles so I expect nothing less from the new baffles. Really, I upgraded while I could due to the recent election and proposed anti gun legislation.

  • 4
    optimus 9 eco-flow baffle upgrade

    Published by Mike Hill on 23rd Nov 2020

    I prepared the suppressor for use and fired two rounds of .22LR from a Ruger American .22 bolt rifle. I could instantly hear the difference. Very Quiet!.
    The baffle design looks as though it could allow fauling past the cup notch but, without sending more rounds down range, I cant know, until then I give it a 4.

  • 5
    Nice upgrade

    Published by Unknown on 1st Oct 2020

    Was interested in the new baffles once I saw them in the gen 2 Optimus so was happy to see it offered as an upgrade option. Suppressor was shipped back the same day it was received and total turnaround was about a week back in hand.

    Upgrade was done on an optimus that lives on a 300 blackout Mk18 using a plan A adapter. Hard to tell how much quieter it is but the action seems louder than the shot with subs and has noticeably less backpressure to the point of needing to adjust my subsonic load to get bolt lock back on empty again.

  • 5
    9mm ECO-FLOW baffle upgrade

    Published by Robert Sprinski on 9th Sep 2020

    As advertised; makes a difference! Turnaround time was astonishing; less than a week, and it was handled by USPS! Well worth it.

  • 5
    Great Upgrade

    Published by Tyler on 17th Aug 2020

    I've had my Revolution 9 since 2016 so I am fairly familiar with it. When I got my suppressor back from this optional upgrade I was very pleased. First off the way the new baffles are notched are more user friendly than the previous generations. The old ones were bad in that regard but these are much better. Sound wise shooting 147 gr 9mm subs through a 226 I was very impressed. So far I've only got maybe 100 rounds through it but the best I can say is it's like going from the (old) K configuration to the full size configuration. Very roughly estimates are that you will gain about that much sound reduction going from the old baffles to the new both in the full size configuration. Also there is substantially less back pressure. I never had a problem before so much but if you've ever been peppered in the face while shooting suppressed, that has been reduced quite a bit as well.

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