Taper Mount Minimalist Blast Shield

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ALSO CONVERTS REVOLUTION, RESISTANCE, AND OPTIMUS 9 to accept Taper Mount muzzle devices for rifle applications.

The Taper Mount Minimalist Blast Shield was designed to offer significant concussion reduction for the end user and other team members operating in the immediate vicinity. The Minimalist blast shield can also convert the Optimus silencer to a 7.9" 15.7 ounce mid size taper mount configuration compatible with minimalist taper mount muzzle devices only. In the blast shield configuration, the minimalist brake shield is compatible with all taper mount muzzle devices. COMES STD WITHOUT THREAD PROTECTOR. Thread protector, if desired, must be selected from the drop down option menu.

Often team members in CQB environments experience concussion from muzzle blast that is not only deafeningly loud, but also can cause prolonged headaches that can last for days afterwards. Especially effective on short barrels, the Taper Mount Blast Shield directs concussive force forward . Ultra strong 17-4PH stainless steel provides a robust material to withstand intense use and full auto fire without fear of failure. Flats on the rear of the device allow the use of a large adjustable wrench, strap wrench, or vise for removal if needed.

Melonite QPQ surface treatment provides an extremely hard, durable, and attractive finish.

Griffin Armament has continued to pursue product development that will enhance hearing safety in tactical and shooting sport situations. The Taper Mount Minimalist Blast Shield is a great product for those that would like to reduce the concussion of their muzzle devices.


308 / 6.5CM = 16"
6.8SPC = 12.5"
7.62x39 = 8"
300BLK = 8" Super & Sub
5.56mm = 10.5"


17-4PH stainless steel material
Melonite QPQ finish
Compatible with Griffin Taper Mounts
Significantly reduces concussion
Ergonomic Flutes for grip
Voluminous body allows for muzzle device performance
Fast attachment / Detachment
5.4 ounces
Total Length: 2.2"

Type Of Part:
Blast Shield
Attachment System:
Taper Mount
Type Of Part:
Muzzle Device

35 Reviews

  • 5
    Taper Mount Blast Shield

    Published by Mike H. on 24th May 2024

    fit and finish are quality you'd expect from Griffin. Great option for using different suppressors across hosts with taper mounts.

  • 4

    Published by Tim on 15th May 2024

    Again as a first time user it paid off to call the experts at Griffin for advice went together and fit like a glove. Haven't shot the 5.56 yet which is the reason for 4 stars mounted a REV .45 suppressor

  • 5
    Perfect for my MDRX

    Published by Besu on 17th Jan 2024

    Is perfect for the MDRX in 300blkour. Keeps it short

  • 5
    Finest quality

    Published by James bearden on 16th Jan 2024

    This is like all griffin products. Finest quality and outstanding customer support.

  • 5
    Great product

    Published by Devin on 5th Sep 2023

    Great product

  • 5
    Perfect FIt - As Advertised

    Published by H. DeWolf on 10th Jan 2023

    Added to my configuration options for my 30-06 Tikka. just took it to the range and it worked perfectly.

  • 5
    Minni blast shield

    Published by Blast shield on 4th Feb 2022

    Griffin products are all well made with superb machine work.

  • 5
    Nice blast shield.

    Published by Corey on 1st Feb 2022

    Bought this to use with a minimalist flash hider and resistance 9. I was curious if the extra volume capacity when a resistance 9 was attached would sound different.

  • 5
    Go Short

    Published by Robin Bagesse on 17th Dec 2021

    I purchased this one to run a short Optimus configuration over the EZ Brake on my 8.5" 300 BLK pistol upper. I don't notice any difference in noise level over the long configuration. Using the stand alone blast shield over the EZ Brake should help tame muzzle blast from super ammo . Machining and finish is perfect.

  • 5
    TM Min DS

    Published by SPIN on 25th Oct 2021

    Great product! Works great on everything from rifle to PCC