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Recce 7 Silencer
Recce 7 Silencer

MSRP: $895.00

Product Code: GAREC7
Requires Class 3 dealer for purchase


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New to the Recce 7 (MOD 3) is a tuned, Patent Pending baffle system offering the apogee of multi-caliber sound performance. Elite tactical units requested minimal flash signature and Griffin responded by developing a low-profile flash reducer integral to the suppressor.

The Recce 7 is CNC machined, and Tig fusion welded for maximum thermal transfer and unparalleled strength and durability. Every component in the Recce 7 is manufactured from solid billets of strong, heat treated, high temperature corrosion resistant 17-4 Stainless Steel. Years of internal testing has found 17-4 stainless steel to provide longer service life than 718 Incolnel, the prior market leading alloy. 17-4 stainless is also twice as strong as cast Stelite 6, used by other industry companies. A Taper Mount Minimalist Brake is included, making the Recce 7 a terrific value.

Overall SPL on a 12" 300BLK with Remington 220 Subsonic is 123DB, quieter than some 22 rimfire suppressors on the market.

Whether hunting your favorite game or rucking on a long range patrol the Recce 7 is the right tool for the job.

Rated on Following barrel lengths 7.5" 5.56mm, 8" 300BLK, 8" 7.62x39, 8" 6.8SPC, 12.5" 7.62x51, and 22" 300Win Mag



Diameter: 1.47”
Overall Length: 7.6”
Length Added: 4.975”
Weight: 17.5 Ounces
Materials: High strength, high temperature, corrosion resistant 17-4ph Stainless Steel
Attachment: Taper Mount devices
DB Attenuation: 5.56mm (33DB), 300BLK (34DB Super), (39DB Sub) 7.62mm (32DB)
Finish: High Temp Griffin Endura-Kote
Full Auto Rated: Yes
    • Tuned MOD 3 Baffling improves multi cal performance
    • Integral low-profile flash suppressor
    • 300WIN MAG Rated
    • TIG Fusion Welded
    • Minimal and Repeatable POI shift
    • Rock Solid Mounting
    • Taper Mount Compatible
    • Griffin Endura-Kote Finish
    • shim set Included
    • Multi Caliber Friendly

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