Taper Mount Flash Suppressor (2.75") 5.56mm 1/2x28

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The Griffin Armament Taper Mount interface provides a rock solid, wear free sound suppressor interface for Recce, Paladin®, EXPLORR®, Optimus®, Bushwhacker®, and Sportsman Silencers. Griffin Armament Taper Mount muzzle devices can also be used to interface silencers from other manufacturers using Plan-A™ Taper Mount adapters.

The Taper Mount Stealth Flash Suppressor brings market leading flash suppression to Taper Mount compatible silencers. Time intensive R&D resulted in a high performance 3 prong flash hider with incredible resonance reduction. These hide flash extremely well and do not ring or ping when fired. CNC Machined of heat treated 17-4 PH billet material and PVD DLC coating ensures durable, corrosion free service life. Taper Mount Thread Protector is compatible with this muzzle device for added protection of thread mounts.

Diameter: 1.075" [taper] .93" [unit]
OAL: 2.75"
Weight: 4.1 oz
Materials: 17-4PH Stainless Steel
Finish: PVD DLC



  • 2.75" length
  • Pre-drilled for pinning & welding 13.7" barrels to 16" OAL
  • Anti-Resonance flutes to prevent pinging under fire
  • Taper ensures solid lock up and minimal/repeatable POI shift
  • 17-4ph Stainless Steel construction
  • PVD DLC coating for increased surface hardness, corrosion, and wear resistance
  • No timing or shims required
  • 3/4" Wrench flats on muzzle device interface
  • 5/8" wrench flats on rear extension
  • 5.56mm 1/2x28


From our research contacting bona fide barrel manufacturers, this device will get Rosco's 13.7" barrels (true length being 13.882") as well as Faxon's 13.9" barrels (true length being 14.025") to the required 16" minimum legal length. This device was designed to take Rosco's 13.882" to 16.02". 

Unfortunately, some of the companies we contacted for exact barrel measurements on their advertised 13.7" barrels failed to get back to us or refused to disclose the true barrel length for verification. For this device to get your advertised 13.7" barrel to the required 16", the barrel must be a minimum of 13.882" true length (assuming an industry standard 0.625" threading interface).

Additional Details

5.56mm (.223)
Thread Pitch:
Type of Part:
Muzzle Device
Attachment System:
Taper Mount

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