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Griffin Armament is proud to introduce DUAL-LOK™, our newest QD mounting system for rifle suppressors. The DUAL-LOK™ system is comprised from two components, the DUAL-LOK™ Mount or equipped suppressor and the DUAL-LOK™ muzzle device (of your choice). This page is for the DUAL-LOK™ HUB Mount, a 1.375x24 threaded interface. 

A quality QD system should be accurate, robust, reliable, require minimal training, and be free of wear prone metal on metal teeth or ratchets, thereby guaranteeing a longer trouble free service life with minimal maintenance needed. Griffin’s DUAL-LOK™ QD mounting system was designed around these objectives.

What makes this mounting system unique?  It is a combination of desirable mechanical features and performance characteristics in a lightweight, compact system.  DUAL-LOK™ combines a precision, sealing, and alignment taper interface with a stub ACME thread, and provides ease of secure attachment. A robust wave spring provides a reliable and positive heat-resistant spring action to the redundant locking collar (second locking feature).  The locking collar is semi permanently installed to the mount via factory press slpined, stainless steel, taper pins.  Since the mount has no wear prone metal on metal sliding actions like many other mounts, there is no need for the operator to disassemble the system.  This locking ring includes three anti-rotation splines which ensure the suppressor will not come off inadvertently.  The muzzle device integrates 60 machined mounting position grooves which is doubled by the mount’s two locking positions, hence the double entendre DUAL-LOK™. How is this achieved? The mounts’ two locking positions are machined out of phase of one another by 3 degrees which provides the 120 effective locking positions and ensures a tightly mounted and locked suppressor.  When the suppressor is installed only one of the two positions will generally function by allowing the spring to push the locking collar rearward over the splines. 

Substantial efforts are taken in the manufacturing and inspection of the DUAL-LOK™ products to ensure Griffin customers are outfitted with the best QD mounting systems available.  

Diameter: 1.5" [unit], with 1.375x24 [threads]
OAL: 1.7"
Weight: 3.0 ounces
Materials: 17-4PH stainless steel, 17-7 stainless spring steel
Finish: Black Nitride


  • Utility patent-pending 
  • Wear free mounting system, requires no consumable parts
  • Taper lock interface ensures security and accuracy
  • ACME thread provides speed of attachment
  • Locking ring incorporates 3 anti-rotation splines to eliminate inadvertent loosening
  • 120 effective positions ensure a rock-solid suppressor mount and provide extremely low POI shift 
  • 17-4 stainless steel 
  • Robust wave spring
  • 2 Locking positions and a central unlock position
  • Nitrided black for increased surface hardness, corrosion, and wear resistance




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Attachment System:

9 Reviews

  • 5
    Solid lockup

    Published by Steve on 15th Apr 2024

    Excellent product with solid lockup

  • 5
    Dual Lok Hub

    Published by Cam on 5th Mar 2024

    Ordered this to place on my Aero Lahar 30 cal can. Works as described. Wanted something without ratcheting and not a bunch of moving parts that was quick to transfer the can back and forth to multiple firearms. Did exactly that and looks awesome as well as lightweight. Will be using dual lok on everything that I can from here on out. Robust build quality and great company.

  • 5
    Great concept and implementation

    Published by F. Daniel on 14th Nov 2023

    With all of the issues with “Disposable Arms,” I decided to change mounts on my expanding rifle collection. This was done for two reasons. I’m unsure if DA will survive their current customer support fiasco to be in a position to provide mounts in the future, and the second reason is because I did have a can walk off utilizing their Xeno mount system.

    Having bit the bullet to pay for the changeover, I can now say I prefer the Dual Lok system. It replicates the security of Keymo, but without the component wear associated with Keymo, and each DL adapter also comes in at more than an ounce lighter than Keymo.

    I love the concept and design of the tactical compensators as well and have them on 5.56 and .300 AAC hosts.

    It’s a big cost associated with changing over to another mounting system, but Dual-Lok is worth it. Easy to install, and the can won’t move once the locking ring is engaged. I’m now heavily invested in Dual Lok for rifles and Ez Lok for pistols.

  • 5
    Awesome upgrade!

    Published by Corey on 21st Sep 2023

    Was running yhm kurz. It was good to keep the can short but the MD notches would eventually wear.
    On this mount there's no parts to wear down. Added exactly 1" and 1.2 oz switching from the kurz adapter to Griffin's dual lok hub.
    I liked the first one so much I got a second one.
    Solid lock up with no worries attached.
    Would highly recommend!

  • 5
    Awesome interface!

    Published by Corey on 29th Aug 2023

    Just put this on a Form 1 and it locks up tight. Quite a good and lightweight system if you're requiring a solid lock up without worry of loosening during shooting. Would highly recommend.

  • 5
    Genius design.

    Published by Igor K on 11th Jul 2023

    I’ve owned quite a few mounts. This is my favorite one yet. The dual lok system makes for extremely quick and easy mounting and removal. The weight is almost nonexistent. The design is beautiful. I don’t want to use any other mount after this.

  • 5

    Published by Dustin on 3rd Jan 2023

    Fits my adapter tightly, goes on and off smoothly. Highly recommend to anyone wanting a quick detach for their suppressor.

  • 5

    Published by Tyler on 23rd Dec 2022

    This item was everything I was looking for and solved every issue I was having. Don’t cheap out on this part of your build. You need this product. Also, get the matching flash hider…

  • 5
    Form 1 build

    Published by Josh on 26th Oct 2022

    Pretty cool addition to my build most suppressor companies don’t have parts that you can put on other devices

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